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"The stigma is massive and it even has an impact on other people in the family. So a woman's sister will find it harder to get married. She will find it harder to get a job, she faces financial insecurity and she's seen as damaged goods - primarily because the assumption is she's had sex." The report recommends that the British state recognises abandonment as a form of domestic violence and offers protection to women "disposed of" by British men, even if they never travel to the UK. Image caption Pragna Patel says recognising abandonment as domestic abuse will improve legal rights Pragna Patel, director of campaign group Southall Black Sisters, worked with academics on the study and says this would offer recourse to some sort of justice for women who at the moment have none. The group says that the constituent parts of abandonment - such as blackmail, fraud, emotional abuse, financial abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour and domestic servitude - can be prosecuted under existing laws, but that "few, if any, perpetrators face any consequences". The victims may be unaware of their rights or feel too ashamed or frightened to report their abuse, it is suggested. Ms Patel explains, however, that "once it is recognised as domestic violence then all the legal avenues that should be open to women either to seek protection or prosecution, or other legal remedies, would be available to abandoned

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women". She says that in the last month, staff at Southall Black Sisters have

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encountered a case in which a man had married and abandoned five different women - each time profiting financially. "It's like a business for him," she says. "The perpetrators are British nationals.

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