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Early Success of New-To-Travel Agents in the Avoya Network on the Rise

Travel planning on the computer Last updated: 12:50 PM ET, Thu June 28 2018 Early Success of New-To-Travel Agents in the Avoya Network on the Rise Host Agency & Consortia Avoya Travel Eric Bowman June 28, 2018 PHOTO: Travel planning on the computer. (photo via seb_ra/iStock/Getty Images Plus) Avoya Travel ®, the network recognized as the best and most-awarded host agency, is seeing triple-digit network growth in 2017 over 2016 and continuing momentum in 2018. Over 50 percent of Avoya’s Network growth is attributed to travel professionals new to the industry, and these new-to-travel professionals are seeing increasingly early success in the Avoya Network. Committed to the success of travel professionals and continuously looking for new opportunities to provide higher quality education to Independent Agencies in the Avoya Travel Network™, Avoya recently partnered with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) to provide high caliber education for the growing number of new-to-travel professionals entering the industry and joining Avoya. Through this first-of-its-kind partnership, new-to-travel professionals affiliating with the Avoya Network can join CLIA with Avoya’s member rate and take a series of CLIA courses prior to affiliation. With an education in selling skills, customer service, cruising, geography and more, the CLIA courses are designed to give new-to-travel Independent Agency owners in the Avoya Network the knowledge and foundation needed to achieve early success with their Independent Agencies. In addition to receiving the education needed to start a travel business, this partnership gives agents affiliating with the Avoya Network the opportunity to receive their CLIA membership at a discounted rate, to earn CLIA certifications and more additional CLIA perks. This recent partnership, in conjunction with the education Avoya offers and access to Live Leads™, has allowed entrepreneurs new to the industry to hit the ground running – booking more exceptional vacations and achieving early success. Average commissions earned in the first sixty days for new-to-travel professionals joining the Avoya Network in 2018 is already outpacing that of new-to-travel Independent Agencies who joined the network in 2017.

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State-owned Travel Agency CTS Revealed to be Exploiting Tourists

However, the fact that a state-owned company is involved makes it particularly noteworthy, as the practice is illegal. Zero-dollar tours are strictly illegal in China, as they are associated with exploitative practices to coerce tourists into spending money Salespeople would officially sign contracts with customers to sell tour packages at higher prices, but actually charge customers much smaller fees. When a CCTV undercover reporter signed up for a five day, four night tour from Chongqing to Tengchong, Yunnan to visit several destinations in the area, the price listed on the CTS website was 1,500 yuan ($232), but she was only charged 780 yuan ($121) when registering in person. The undercover reporter was even offered an additional 100 yuan ($15) discount. She was told flying directly to Dali, a famous city near Tengchong, would be cheaper. The ticket price was 980 yuan ($151), but there was a buy one, get one free promotion. The price listed on the contract was also 1500 yuan, and the undercover reporter was informed that the discrepancy between the price charged and the price listed on the contract was to deal with potential inspections from tourism officials. The price listed on the contracts customers signed with CTS was higher than what they were charged in an attempt to hide the practice from authorities To ensure that customers joining tours would have enough money to spend on souvenirs, participation in the tours were limited to people between the ages of 26 and 65. According to an insider, customers were divided into three categories based on their perceived purchasing power, often associated with where the customers were from within China. After the contract with CTS was signed, the tourists were then passed over to third-party travel agencies in Chongqing or Yunnan. These agencies paid CTS a commission, the size of the commission depended on the overall perceived purchasing power of the tourists.

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